Homes Not Hotels

Petition: Give councils the power to control the number of holiday lets

In Britain’s holiday hotspots, landlords are taking homes and turning them into hotels.  

Since the emergence of Airbnb and similar platforms, the number of properties being let out on a short term basis has exploded. Between 2021 and 2022, 29 homes a day became second homes or commercial holiday lets, taking homes away from locals who need somewhere to live.

The trend is concentrated in just a handful of places: 80% of the recent growth in holiday homes has happened in just 25 local council areas.

This is reducing the number of homes available to live in and pushing up rents.

Part of the reason is because holiday lets face very little regulation. Some landlords are even switching from tenants to tourists for an easier life.

The government is proposing to introduce a registration scheme for holiday lets and requiring them to get planning permission. While this might help stop the leakage of homes into the tourist sector, it will do nothing about the thousands of homes that have already been lost.

Instead, the government should give English councils powers to require holiday lets to join a licensing scheme, and put limits on their number in areas that have particularly bad housing affordability problems.

Alongside building more and removing tax breaks, this will help make sure the tourist economy continues to thrive while locals can continue working in it or living in the places where they grew up.


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To the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Give councils the power to require holiday lets to be licensed in order to operate, and to cap the number of licences available    


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