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If have had enough of your rental situation, you’re not alone.

Millions of people are worrying about how to pay the rent, if they’ll get an eviction notice in the next year, or how long it will take for their landlord to make repairs.

We need to make sure that renters’ voices are heard loud and clear by the government.

Share your story and join our movement for change.

Your rent vents

Racism in Housing – Paris’ Story

Generation Rent supporter Paris describes the racism she has faced whilst renting. The rental crisis, sure everybody’s heard of it. But past the surface-level topics, there’s something more sinister happening.

Evicted on Christmas Eve – John’s Story

Generation Rent supporter John describes just how terrible an unfair eviction during the Christmas period is.

In October we were given eight weeks notice to leave our family home of eight years. Never have we missed a month’s rent. We pride ourselves on being good tenants who keep our home well looked after – but none of that matters. We must be out by Christmas Eve.

Shane’s Story – My unsafe home caught fire on New Year’s Eve

I have spent about a decade renting in the private sector. This covered my time as student through to working full time. Sometimes I’ve been tempted to try to work out how much I’ve actually spent on rent during the ten years, but I haven’t dared do it as I’m sure the answer would just be too depressing. For me, renting has meant fighting to get deposits back, pleading with letting agencies or landlords to get basic repairs carried out, having to leave a property a short notice as it was being sold, and being trapped in a cycle of fees and ever increasing rents. My longest period at a property was three years, and the shortest was six months

We’ve spent £21,000 on moving costs since 2017 – James’s Story

Firstly, this isn’t my real name, I’ve disguised it because we live in a rural area and if I am identified as the source of this story, it will jeopardise our search for a new home as we will be seen as ‚Äòtroublemaking’ tenants. That very fact, tells you how nefarious Section 21 is as a piece of legislation.

Section 21 evictions forever hang over me – Anna’s Story

Generation Rent supporter Anna tells her story of renting while Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions continue.

I have been renting my studio flat for about two and a half years. I received my first Section 21 ‚Äòno fault’ eviction notice in the summer of 2019, but it turned out to be invalid because the property lacked a mandatory license.

I received my second Section 21 notice in the middle of March last year, shortly before the UK went into lockdown. For me, the timing of this turned out to be fortuitous, because the accompanying eviction ban meant that my landlady didn’t have a chance to apply to the courts before the expiration of the notice. Despite the difficulties and reduced work hours that the series of lockdowns have caused me, the relative housing security the government afforded renters has been the silver lining.



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