Guest Blog: Calling all private renters in Kensington and Chelsea

Our friends at Kensington and Chelsea Social Council are undertaking a project to look at the issues affecting private tenants in the borough - particularly in the clear lack of affordable housing in the private sector. Part of this is an online survey that they're asking all private renters in the area to complete.

In the run-up to the London Mayoral elections, work like this is vital to help support renters across the capital and make sure no one is priced out of London - wherever they live or work.

Can you help us gain a better understanding of the issues faced by people living in privately rented accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea?

We are currently gathering evidence directly from local residents who rent privately. We want to know how they are effected by sharply rising rents and how they judge the standard of their accommodation. We are also asking about their experience of dealing with private landlords and letting agencies and if they feel secure in their tenancy.

We are seeking this information because we know high rents and lack of suitable affordable housing are major concerns in this borough.

With the evidence we gather we hope we can contribute to a case for positive change wherever possible at a local and regional level.

How we want you to help?

Help us make a case for decent standards in private rented accommodation by completing our survey and passing it on to other private renters.

Access the survey online via this link

Alternately, we are also happy to provide paper copies upon request, please call 020 7243 9800 or email [email protected].


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