Incentives to sell to tenants won’t help most of us

The think tank Onward has published a policy proposal today aimed at helping private renters into owner occupation with incentives for landlords to sell us their houses.

Commenting on behalf of the End Unfair Evictions campaign, Nick Ballard, National Organiser of ACORN, said:

“If a tenant wants to buy out their landlord and has the savings to do so then that’s great for them. But the reality is most renters have very little in savings – if their landlord wants to sell then they will be evicted with no ability to appeal. Selling up is already the most common reason for private tenants to lose their home, so if the government wants to make renting more secure then it must protect tenants from unfair evictions. That means abolishing Section 21, the law that allows landlords to evict without needing a reason.”

According to the English Housing Survey 2015-16, 63% of tenancies ended by the landlord were because the landlord wanted sell or use the property.


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