Economic uncertainty means renters need security

We haven't commented on the EU referendum as a debate about the future of the country was all a bit above us. Renters are a mixed bunch and have different reasons for voting Remain or Leave.

Now that the deed is done, we're due a new Prime Minister, probably a General Election in the next year, and several years of negotiations over our relationship with Europe.

We can also expect economic uncertainty. And because of that the government has a responsibility to give everyone some security, in their jobs and in their homes.

For private renters, that means protection from unexpected hikes in the rent, and protection from eviction if their landlord panics and sells up. Recent first time buyers might also find themselves in a precarious position if interest rates rise.

Whatever happens to house prices in the short term, we still have a chronic shortage of homes, and our elected leaders need to shore up new supply. Any fall in property values demands a strategic response by local authorities to buy up homes and land, and start providing homes for people on low incomes.

Generation Rent’s priorities remain the same as they were before, and with Westminster in turmoil we have another opportunity to push for change. Please get involved.


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