16 – 22 October 2023

Are you a private renter?

Over Renters’ Rights Awareness Week (#RRAW23) Generation Rent are organising free online renters’ rights events.

Whether you’re new to renting, having issues with your landlord, or just feel you need a refreshment on your rights then these free online events are the perfect fit for you. 

We will cover topics from petsdealing with rent rises, to getting repairs done  

Click here to sign up to the free online webinars

You can sign up for as many renters’ right webinars as you like. They’re completely free to join. 

Can’t attend the events?

If you can’t attend the events, over the week we will send you our renters’ rights factsheets and the link to watch the events online sent straight to your inbox. The factsheets are available in different languages.

So sign up by completing the form for the factsheets here – if you want to receive the links to the webinar then simply sign up below.

If you want to test your knowledge on renters rights then why not take our renters rights quiz? Take the quiz here.

Finally, can you help us promote RRAW23 through social media?

If you’re on social media help us promote the events to others – click here to tweet – or follow Generation Rent UK on Instagram and Facebook. 

Looking for some help and can't find the answer ?

Let us know using the form below, and we’ll try to find out

Individual Advice

Generation Rent can’t offer advice about individual problems. Here are a few organisations that can:

You might also find quick but informal help on ACORN’s Facebook forum, and there are more suggestions on The Renters Guide.