Renters Rights Awareness Week Quiz

Welcome to our Renters Rights Awareness Week Quiz! Although this quiz is designed for Renters Rights Awareness Week, it can be played at any time. If you want to know about your rights as a renter, let's begin...

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What is the minimum amount of notice a landlord has to give notice before they visit you?

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You have the right to keep any pet you want. True or False?


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How much notice must your landlord give you if they want to evict you under Section 21 (no fault)?

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At the end of your tenancy, you must wait for your landlord to contact you before contacting the deposit protection scheme about getting your deposit back. True or False?

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If your landlord says the rent is going up, their word is final. True or False?

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Your letting agent is allowed to take a holding deposit worth 1 week’s rent when you apply for a tenancy. True or False?

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If your boiler stops working you and not your landlord has to pay for its repair or replacement. True or false?”


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My landlord can't use a Section 21 eviction unless they have given me: 

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The Renters (Reform) Bill has been passed by Parliament and will soon become law. True or False?

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