One promise the Prime Minister must keep

Apr 20, 2017 10:22 AM

Theresa May has broken her word. She ruled out a snap election five times, then called one.

Our question is: what other promises is she going to tear up?

The government is consulting now on proposals to ban letting fees, and the deadline of 2 June is a week before polling day.

Whoever forms the next government needs to hear a strong message from England's private renters that we need that ban as soon as possible.

Please make your voice heard with our easy-to-use response tool. We've provided some template answers to the first 13 questions, which cover the technical aspects of how the ban would work. If you're happy with what we've drafted you just need to answer the four questions that ask for your experiences of letting fees. 

By making it cheaper to move, banning fees will give tenants much more power in the rental market, to negotiate rent and to demand repairs - unsurprisingly the property industry is putting up a massive fight. To stop them trying to water down the government's policy we need to show that any backtracking on the promises made last year will be unacceptable.

The tool will take just a few minutes to submit (unless you want to really let rip about your hideous fees experiences) - get started here.

In the meantime, we'll be pushing all the parties to give renters something worthwhile to vote for - including protection from eviction, licensing of landlords and building more homes we can afford.