What’s on offer for renters tomorrow?

Tomorrow is polling day! Before you cast your vote, here's a round up of the policies from each party's manifesto on the issues we've been campaigning on since the last election


More details are in the individual party manifesto breakdowns here:

We have also compared the manifesto pledges with our Renter Manifesto demands – see a full breakdown here.

And remember, the renting crisis is affecting different parts of the country in different ways – if you’re in England you can find out how your local area compares on evictions, rents, benefits and size of the rental market at our new site ventyour.rent.

Whoever wins tomorrow, we’ll keep the pressure on the next government to meet its commitments and go much further to make renting safe, secure and fair. Join us

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Individual Advice

Generation Rent can’t offer advice about individual problems. Here are a few organisations that can:

You might also find quick but informal help on ACORN’s Facebook forum, and there are more suggestions on The Renters Guide.