Four new trustees help bolster the organisation

We are pleased to welcome four new trustees who have joined the Generation Rent board since the start of the year.

Daniel Bentley, Sean Cosgrove, Betsy Dillner and Hannah Williams bring with them decades of experience in political communications, financial management, movement building and business development.

The board will support Generation Rent’s staff as we prepare the next phase of our campaign to ban letting fees, around the forthcoming government consultation.

The additional experience means the organisation will be better equipped to take our campaigning to the next level, while establishing diverse and sustainable sources of revenue to secure our future.

  • Daniel is editorial director of the think-tank Civitas, where he has researched and written a series of reports about the housing crisis, before which he spent nine years as a political journalist for the Press Association.
  • Sean is a CIPFA accountant and project manager with ten years’ experience of local government financial management and strategy development. He is currently advising Clapton Park TMO in North London.
  • Betsy served as Director of Generation Rent from May 2015 until December 2016. Prior to joining Generation Rent in 2014 as Community Campaigns Manager, she worked as a community organiser in the USA, engaging on various issues including housing, immigration, health care, and finance sector reform.
  • Hannah founded RentalRaters in 2013, which allows tenants to review their previous landlords. She is Director of Technology at Harvard PR, with 14 years’ experience in marketing and communications.

We are very grateful to the management consultancy and recruiter Campbell Tickell who helped us during the recruitment process.

We are still considering applications, especially from people with legal and fundraising experience, so if you are interested in joining the board, please click here.


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