Government pushes ahead with Right to Buy

This morning Greg Clark, the new Communities and Local Government Secretary, announced that the government would introduce a Housing Bill to extend the Right to Buy to tenants of housing associations - funded by the sale of high value council houses.

When faced with a housing crisis that forces millions of vulnerable people and would-be first time buyers into inadequate, insecure and expensive private rented homes, this is the last policy you would pick to fix it.

We have already highlighted the problems with Right to Buy 2, from the barriers to building replacement homes, to the dismantling of mixed-income communities, to hobbling the very organisations the government is relying on to provide social housing. Our friends at the National Housing Federation reckon the policy could cost £12bn.

Housing association tenants generally have cheaper, more secure and better maintained homes than tenants in the private sector, yet the government wants to hand public money to them instead of using it to tackle criminal landlords, lack of supply and poor conditions that are rife in the private rented sector.

Greg Clark says he wants to “create a level playing field” within the social rented sector. What is really needed is a level playing field between the social and private sectors – with genuinely affordable rents, secure tenancies and better standards for those of us stuck with private landlords.

Or at least give us a Right to Buy subsidy too.

Please add your voice to our opposition of this ridiculous policy. Sign the petition here.


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