Smaller parties manifesto round up

We’ve looked at what the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the DUP and the Brexit Party – parties that are only standing in parts of the UK – have to offer renters.

Three of these parties are only standing in nations where housing issues are devolved, so they understandably have less interest in housing at this election, but there are some issues – like housing benefit – that are decided by Westminster for the whole of the UK.

What is your vote worth? Renters could make a difference in these seats

2.4 million private renters could miss out on voting at the General Election if they don’t register to vote by midnight tomorrow.

Private renters move house more frequently than homeowners, and as a result, just 58% are correctly registered, compared with 91% of homeowners, according to figures by the Electoral Commission. Many renters are on contracts of just 12 months, and private renters are six times more likely to move in a given year than homeowners.

We’ve worked out which Parliamentary seats could be decided by private renters on 12 December – the seats in orange and brown have more unregistered private renters than the number of votes the last MP won by.


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