The London estate being torn apart by evictions

If ever there was a case for the reform of private renters’ rights it’s this.

Residents of Dorchester Court in Herne Hill all rent from the same landlord, Manaquel Ltd. In recent years, the company has tried putting up the rent by 30% in many cases – some of the residents managed to negotiate a lower increase, but are still paying much more than before.

This year, instead of having their tenancy renewed, the landlord has been issuing them with section 21 eviction notices – giving the tenant 2 months to leave – without giving them a reason or any option to stay.

Image from Brixton Buzz

[photo: Brixton Buzz]

A Renters Union?

When we launched Vote Homes we called on the candidates to take action on rents, housebuilding, security and conditions.

But we also asked for something a bit more fundamental: for the next Mayor to commit to meeting regularly with renters groups.

Kevin Allen

Kevin’s interest in housing originated when I worked as a constituency caseworker for a Member of Parliament. He went on from there to become a housing advice worker for a Shelter Housing Advice Centre covering North Yorkshire and the City of York. Kevin also founded a private tenant group in his home town of Scarborough and secured a contract with the local authority to deliver a homelessness project which would go on to be a founding member of NPTO. HE worked for over 30 years as a civil servant for GCHQ, during that time he served on a national sustainable development consultation group, developed departmental health and safety polices and was an active trade union rep. Currently Kevin is self-employed as a CIEH accredited health and safety trainer and advisor and specialise in electrical safety and inspection.

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