Homes for Britain

We’re deeply concerned about the lack of effectiveness of the Homes for Britain campaign. It has a £750,000 budget, the support of tons of passionate individuals and organisations, but it also has a lowest common denominator approach, where that denominator is the Residential Landlords Association.

Our experience of the RLA is that they campaign to make the housing market less fair for anyone who isn’t a landlord. We don’t criticise them for it – they’re doing the best for their members – but we think this is incompatible with any form of housing justice campaigning.

We think it’s no surprise that Homes for Britain has resisted calls to box in politicians to positive policy positions and to engage voters in effective influencing of parliamentary candidates.

So we’re asking members of the Homes for Britain coalition and others to also join an informal campaign network outside of Homes for Britain.

We’re going to draw together a network of organisations who believe every person deserves a decent and truly affordable home and that the housing crisis is measured in the lack of such access. We want this network to support urgent action to end this crisis far faster than in a generation.

If you want to be part of this network, please email us at [email protected]

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