Will the Lords or London's next Mayor strengthen renters' rights?

Feb 10, 2016 12:31 PM

Renters never really know where they'll live in 12 months' time. Even if your landlord is a charity, charging reasonable rent and letting you turn their property into a home, they could quietly sell up to a landlord who will just evict you and sell your home to the highest bidder.

That is exactly what is happening right now on two streets in Walthamstow, where tenants are getting no-fault evictions just so their landlord Butterfields E17 can put the homes on the market. This company is making profits from making people homeless. 

It is incredible that this is even possible in today's Britain.

We're calling on the government to restrict the use of no-fault evictions, and stop landlords from raising the rent by more than inflation.

The House of Lords could amend the Housing Bill - please write to the Lords here.

The next Mayor of London could also use their influence - they will represent 2 million private renters - to push for change. Please write to the candidates here.