Who funds us?

Generation Rent currently receives grant funding from the Oak Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and Trust for London, but relies in large part on donations from its supporters.

Generation Rent is forever grateful to these incredible people who helped us survive in 2015

Without the generosity of the 371 supporters who donated to our crowdfunding campaign, we wouldn't be here today. In total our donors gave £17,892. Donors of £20 or more got the reward of being listed on this page.

Rob Carver

Cazz Wrate

Susan Hackett

Communication Workers Union

GMB Holborn Branch

GMB London Region

Garden Court Chambers 




Robert Brett

K Scrase

Martin McNulty

International Union of Tenants

Esther Foreman

Joe Surtees

Harry Metcalfe

Alex Parsons



Keith Clements

Tomasz Muszynski

Jenna Isherwood

John Gladwell

Rosa Payne

Tom Ward

Bob Lindsay-Smith

Paul Sellers

Simon McAuslane

Giles Peaker

Clare Richards

Alistair Law

Rod Clark

Mike O'Connor

Resident Review

Chris Gilson

Bertrand de Foucauld

Chris Smith

Damian Lyons Lowe

Marion Evans

Sarah Mitchell

Lucy Ferman

Michael Isles

Claire Webster

Stephen Battersby

Jenny Luckett




Pete Biggs

Sophie Bell

Alison Inman

Jan Kelly

Jay Morton

Lucy Sky

Emma Tracy

Lianna Etkind

Alistair Brown

Neil Anderson

Laura Rodrigues

Mary Moore

William Cohen

Alexandria Burch

Nicola Hawkins

Nicoleta Uzorka-Ion

Ozlojo Oz



Naomi Fitzgibbons

Joseph Henry

Reuben Gibbons

Alan Ogden

Sachin Shah

K Drumm

Emily Maslin

Elly Shepherd

James Weiner

Ben Johnson

Peter Conneely

Janice Long

David Martin

Edward Strudwick

Jo Owen

Laura Hewitt

Salade Folle

Christine Fears

Carol Martin

Emma Matthews

Jo Grahl

Ellie Wright

Jennifer Mosier

Dan Woolley

Simon Shaw

Alana Farrell

Christopher Teevan

Sarah Besly-Quick

Charlie Fisher

Hav Smith

Laura Coffin

Matthew Bates

Cheryl Conner

Shona Tchilingirian

Sam Case

Harriet Vickers

Peter Bowers

Sue Hare

Shanti Inglebright

Tim Gopsill

Martin Manilowski

Veronica Zundel

Robert Thoms

Philip Glanville

Len Gibbs

Will Hatcher 

Steven Pruner

Huseyin Kishi

Marie Dromey

Betsy Dillner

Anna Bolsin

Will Thomas

Roisin Gallagher

Matthew O'Grady

Tim Pushman

Sean O'Meara

James Walsh

Carolyn Hughes

Ilana Tyler-Rubinstein



Special thanks to:

People's Republic for letting us use their crowdfunding platform for minimal cost.

Nelson Ferryman for editing the crowdfunding video pitch. See more of his work here.

Nesta and Reel Nice for invaluable advice on running a crowdfunding campaign.