Stop illegal evictions

On Thursday 6 May, voters in England and Wales will elect Police and Crime Commissioners or Mayors with powers over policing (London, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire).

The Police have a critical role in preventing illegal evictions but are not doing enough to protect renters. Will you join our campaign to help stop illegal evictions?

If your landlord wants you to move out they must go through a strict legal process. But some landlords take the law into their own hands and evict tenants illegally - or harass them out of their homes. This is a criminal offence, and there are reports that it has become more common under lockdown.

The Police and local councils can step in to stop illegal evictions and protect renters but neither has the resources or the legal duty to take responsibility. As a result there are hardly any prosecutions of criminal landlords evicting tenants illegally. Councils are best-placed to protect tenants, but they need the government to change the law.

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You can also ask your local candidates for Police & Crime Commissioner to back our demands here.

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To the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government:

Give local councils the duty to enforce the Protection from Eviction Act and the investigative powers and funding they need to do this effectively, and increase the penalties on landlords found guilty of illegal eviction and harassment.


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