Ban revenge evictions


In March 2015, the government amended the Deregulation Bill to outlaw the use of no-fault evictions when local councils upheld complaints about the condition of a tenant's property. That means that landlords will be unable to get rid of tenants who complain about leaks, mould or disrepair through so-called revenge evictions. 

The decision followed a campaign by Shelter, Crisis, Citizens Advice, Generation Rent and GMB Young London - and Sarah Teather MP - and involved 700 emails from Generation Rent supporters to MPs and ministers. 

Revenge evictions are one of the ugliest aspects of the private rented sector and lead to many tenants being frightened to request repairs because they fear losing their home. The government's decision to ban them will help millions of people.  

Tenants still need local councils to take action in order to be protected, and landlords can still evict tenants without giving a reason in other circumstances - so there is more that we need to do. But this victory for renters shows what can be achieved by people power.


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