Report your local criminal letting agent

The research we carried out in 2015-17 for our site Letting Fees found more than 100 agents who were breaking existing laws around publishing their fees and being members of a redress scheme.

That was just 20 local council areas, so there are likely hundreds more letting agents that are still breaking the law. 

Please use this form to report letting agents in England that are not:

We are also interested in letting agents in:

Raise concerns about letting agents in Northern Ireland with Housing Rights NI

We will not share any information you submit without your permission. After you submit you'll get an automated email asking what you would like us to do with the information.

We will be analysing this information over the coming months to help understand the extent of criminality in the lettings industry and using that knowledge to help raise awareness and enforce fees bans. Once the ban is in force in England we'll update this page. 

Read more about the law on letting fees where you are

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