Report your local criminal letting agent

Our successful campaigning has won laws that stop letting agents from ripping off tenants – such as the 2019 bans on unfair fees in England and Wales.

But there are a lot of dodgy agents around the country that are breaking these laws, thinking that they can get away with it. Unless renters speak out, these criminals will keep ripping people off.

On this page you can share your concerns about rip-off agents and make sure there are consequences for breaking the law.

Please use this form to report letting agents in England that are:

  • charging fees to tenants who have started tenancies since June 2019 (aside from exemptions for late rent, lost keys and changing the terms of the tenancy)
  • not displaying permitted fees to tenants on their website or in-branch,
  • not members of either the Property Ombudsman or the Property Redress Scheme (you can check this here), or
  • not displaying their membership of a Client Money Protection scheme on their website or in-branch
  • failing to ensure homes have the correct licence
  • discriminating against would-be tenants on the basis of benefits status, ethnicity or immigration status
  • using harassment or intimidation, demanding rent in cash, putting unfair terms in tenancy agreements, or displaying other suspicious behaviour

We are also interested in letting agents in:

Raise concerns about letting agents in Northern Ireland with Housing Rights NI

We will not share any information you submit without your permission. After you submit you'll get an automated email asking what you would like us to do with the information.

We are analysing this information to help understand the extent of criminality in the lettings industry and using that knowledge to help raise awareness and enforce fees bans. 

Read more about the law on letting fees where you are

Read more about why we're doing this