The Renters' Vote 2021

Elections are taking place throughout Britain on 6 May. Find out how you can put renters on the agenda near you.

Protect tenants in unsafe homes

Demand a champion for private renters in your local council

Private renters: take action

Stop illegal evictions

Demand action from your next Police & Crime Commissioner

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Demand a mayor who will champion renters in:

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Greater Manchester

Liverpool City Region

Tees Valley

West Midlands

West of England

West Yorkshire


London needs a Mayor for renters

How will candidates fix the Capital's renting crisis?

Private renters: take action

Elections in Wales

Demand further reforms from your Senedd candidates

Take action

Elections in Scotland

Demand a better deal from the next Parliament

Take action

Don't lose your vote!

Register to vote and apply for a postal vote

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