Rally for Rent Control

Event organised by EPTAG. To RSVP go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/309673855895281/

The Scottish government is drafting a new bill on renting and we want to make sure tenants voices are heard in the process. We have collected thousands of responses from all across Scotland and will be delivering them to the Scottish Parliament, but we want to make a scene that they can't ignore.

We are demanding three things:

1. Bring Rents Under Control - In other countries, there are laws that limit how much landlords can charge, we want that introduced here in Scotland.

2. Protect Tenants From Eviction - Right now, your landlord doesn't need a reason to evict you. We want to see the abolition of the so-called no-fault grounds for repossession, and for tenants to have the right to appeal all evictions.

3. Provide Flexibility and Security - Tenants should know they will have a place to live next month without having to lock themselves into long-term contracts.

Bring placards, music, dolls houses, banners and friends. This is our chance to get a new deal for private renters in Scotland, let's make sure we use it.



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