Ask your MP to stand up for private renters

We need to ensure MPs understand the importance of improving the private rented sector, and that a huge number of their constituents rely on it. After the 2015 General Election we published our plan to fix the housing crisis, and we are urging the Government to adopt it.

Please add your support on this page. 

MPs won't do anything unless they know it affects their constituents. Please get in touch with your local MP on this page (unless you live in London, where we have a slightly different approach).

There are many ways we need to improve private renting: 

  • A landlord register and letting agent licensing is needed to guarantee standards in the sector and drive out those who fail their tenants.
  • New minimum standards of decency are needed to ensure that wherever someone privately rents, they won’t be subjected to hazards and disrepair.
  • We also need to change the culture of the industry, making longer-term lets the norm to ensure security for private tenants.
  • Finally, spiralling housing costs cannot continue. As the largest expense for most tenants, we need to bring in a system to provide permanently affordable private renting.

Will you sign?