Quiz your local candidates on housing - organise a hustings!

Feb 19, 2015 5:36 PM

We're less than three months away from the General Election, and voters still haven't made up their minds about which party has the best policies to fix the housing crisis. 

Do your part to help your friends and neighbours reach a decision by organising a Housing Hustings.

A hustings is an event where candidates from each political party debate in front of an audience. In the run up to the election, hustings offer a chance for voters to see their prospective MP, ask questions, and form a view of who they want to represent them. They give us a chance to force candidates to think seriously about housing and develop credible positions on housing policy issues – and help stoke the local debate around housing and raise awareness of the issues among the public.

Any credible candidate should jump at the chance to take part in a housing hustings - as long as it's organised properly, and promptly. If you want to see your candidates debate housing, start organising a hustings now! Luckily, we've put together a handy guide here.

Good luck!