Housing Groups We Love

Fixing the housing crisis is no small job – that's why there are lots of campaigns and organisations working tirelessly to make housing better for everyone.

Take a look at some of our colleagues and find out how you can support their work.

Local campaigns and renters' unions are constantly forming - we have a map of them here

PricedOut – The campaign to make housing affordable for first-time buyers

Advice for Renters - helps renters access legal advice and founding member of Generation Rent

Renters Rights London – The team who are raising awareness of renters' rights and how to exercise them 

Defend Council Housing – The campaign for more council homes

Crisis – One of the UK's leading homelessness charities

Shelter Policy Blog – Shelter's team, campaigning on everything from homelessness to housing supply

Citizens Advice – The national network of advice centres

Citizens UK – The team who are organising community groups around the country 

YIMBY Alliance – The alliance of campaigns saying "Yes In My Back Yard" to new homes near them

Fairer Share - campaigning for a fairer property tax system

Marks Out Of Tenancy - Review your landlord and letting agent and avoid the worst ones next time you move

Rent Profile - Check your next landlord is legit and manage your tenant record

Leasehold Knowledge Partnership - if you pay ground rent as part of a leasehold, these folks have your back

Need expert advice? We have a list of providers here


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