Metro Mayors for Renters

Metro mayor candidates: join our campaign!

Private renters want metro mayors who will:

  • Introduce a landlord and letting agent database to help renters avoid being ripped off by criminal operators 
  • Introduce a property licence checker to allow renters to check if their home requires a licence, and potentially claim back rent if it doesn’t have one
  • Provide training for borough housing and Trading Standards teams to tackle unlawful behaviour by landlords and letting agents.
  • Involve private renters in decision making - balloting private renters on decisions that will affect their housing.
  • Work with Police and Crime Commissioners to end illegal evictions - through better training and recording of incidents

Metro Mayors must also advocate for renters to national Government by lobbying for:

  •         Powers to implement rent stabilisation measures
  •         A national landlord register
  •         An end to Section 21 evictions

Will you be a City Region champion for private renters? Pledge here

Read Generation Rent's manifesto on how metro mayors can help private renters live in safer, secure and more affordable homes.

Are you a private renter? Join our campaign for better rights for renters here

If elected I will work to:

  • Introduce a criminal landlord database and property licence checker
  • Work with councils and police to tackle criminal landlords
  • Involve private renters in decision making
  • Reform the private rented sector at the national level

Will you pledge?

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