Get your MP to back renters

It was announced on Thursday that the House of Commons will be debating the Private Renting Sector next Wednesday 25th June from about 12.30-5pm.

There are over 9 million private renters in Britain increasingly getting a rough deal from landlords and letting agents. We’d like you write to your MP asking them to back our renters’ manifesto to create a fair and sustainable rental market for both tenants and landlords.

We’re also calling for a secondary, bubble-free housing market for those people who just want to buy or rent a home for a reasonable cost rather than an investment at a high cost.

Click here to contact your MP now!

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  • paul campbell
    commented 2014-06-23 13:15:41 +0100
    I think the secondary market idea is highly flawed -it would be a minefield of regulation and abuse. The problems of supply,affordability, rife speculation and poor tenancy rights need to be address in the market as a whole before any real progress can be made.
  • Alexander Hilton
    commented 2014-06-23 09:18:37 +0100
    Good point Carol, though I imagine it’s a pretty rare circumstance?
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    MPs to debate renting on Weds. Contact your MP now! #generationrent
  • carol martin
    commented 2014-06-22 12:11:42 +0100
    done-would make 2 points 1. on Section 21 some decent landlords, often RICS members, are concerned that if their property is being used for anti social behaviour e.g drug dealing it is taking them 23 weeks to remove that person. Yes it is a Police matter but they are very likely to be bailed to that property. 2. I know that my MP has other interests to balance. I am not making excuses for MPS but he does have, perhaps, a greater number of constituents who are landlords than others.might.
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    Get your MP to back renters