End the rent debt crisis

Coronavirus has created a rent debt crisis. 

Right now, 1 in 8 renters are in debt to their landlords, and millions more are worried about losing their income and jobs. 

Renters were struggling at the outset of the pandemic, and more than a third have lost income. They are being forced to borrow, cut down on essentials, or get into arrears. As the Government lifts restrictions on evictions, they will be at risk of losing their homes.

The Government has helped homeowners, but has left renters to shoulder the burden of this crisis. Landlords have been told to show compassion, but we know that most are demanding the rent in full.

The rent debt crisis won't go away on its own. The Government needs to protect the homes of the half a million households who are behind on the rent.  

By preventing evictions, raising welfare support, and clearing rent arrears that have built up due to this crisis, the Government can still make sure that no one is made homeless as a result of covid-19. #NoHomeAtRisk

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We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister to end the rent debt crisis and ensure that no renter loses their home due to the economic shock of Covid-19 by:

  • raising local housing allowance to average rents,
  • suspending evictions for arrears caused by the pandemic, and
  • clearing rent debt with a Coronavirus Home Retention Scheme


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