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Generation Rent appoints new Director
Jun 24, 2020

Generation Rent has appointed Alicia Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy, as its new Director. Alicia joins Generation Rent at a time when coronavirus has pushed renting even further up the political agenda: more than half of renters have lost income, and while evictions are suspended until August, state support is not enough to cover rent in many cases, leaving renters reliant on the goodwill of their landlords to avoid suffocating debt.

After the eviction ban: what's next?
Jun 19, 2020

The Government recently announced a two month extension to the eviction ban. Renters will be able to safely stay in their homes until the end of August, but what happens next?

Lockdown is ending, but the renting crisis is not
Jun 03, 2020

The Government’s eviction ban comes to an end in just three weeks. Here’s how you can help protect renters for the duration of this crisis.

Relying on compassion isn't working
May 13, 2020

The Government have asked landlords to show 'compassion' and work with tenants to accommodate their circumstances, but renters have told us that this is not happening.

A housing system for renters after COVID19
May 01, 2020

The past six weeks fighting this pandemic have reminded everyone how important a good home is – and how many renters don’t have one.

Coronavirus: Here’s what we are asking the Government
Apr 08, 2020

No one should face eviction and homelessness in a pandemic, and no one should be saddled with debts that they have no way of paying. 

We won! Greater protections for renters
Mar 31, 2020

In the last 7 days, the Government have introduced new measures to protect renters. 

How to protect renters affected by coronavirus
Mar 17, 2020

The Government must act now.

The pandemic affects us all - but private renters face particular problems. As the situation has escalated, renters have got in touch with us to express concern over self isolating safely in a shared house, and how they will pay their rent if they are forced to stay home, or lose their job. It's not just those who fall ill with coronavirus who are affected - many renters who are self-employed or on zero-hours contracts have already lost work, and many more are nervous about redundancy, unpaid leave or losing hours. Renters spend over 40% of their earnings on rent, and as a result, two thirds of renters have no savings.

How the next mayor can crack down on London's criminal landlords
Mar 06, 2020

With candidates for London Mayor starting to set out their pledges, we reveal that half of London’s boroughs did not fine any landlords for letting out unsafe homes in the past year.

Join our campaign to demand the candidates fix the city's renting crisis.

The winner of the mayoral election could step up the fight against criminal landlords overnight by letting tenants check online if their home needs and has a licence. An estimated 130,000 private rented homes in London do not have the correct licence, making 1 in 8 private renters eligible for a refund of rent. Those are good odds.



Homes not hotels - what happens next
Feb 27, 2020

The damage that Airbnb-style lets is doing to our communities is becoming clearer. Last week, the Guardian revealed that in parts of London, Edinburgh, Devon and the Lake District, one in every four homes is listed as a holiday let.

As we told them, this is depriving communities of much needed homes.


The new Parliament must end the renting crisis
Dec 13, 2019

Last night, Boris Johnson won a landslide victory. He must take this opportunity to end the renting crisis.

What's on offer for renters tomorrow?
Dec 11, 2019

Tomorrow is polling day! Before you cast your vote, here's a round up of the policies from each party's manifesto on the issues we've been campaigning on since the last election


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