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How the next mayor can crack down on London's criminal landlords
Mar 06, 2020

With candidates for London Mayor starting to set out their pledges, we reveal that half of London’s boroughs did not fine any landlords for letting out unsafe homes in the past year.

Join our campaign to demand the candidates fix the city's renting crisis.

The winner of the mayoral election could step up the fight against criminal landlords overnight by letting tenants check online if their home needs and has a licence. An estimated 130,000 private rented homes in London do not have the correct licence, making 1 in 8 private renters eligible for a refund of rent. Those are good odds.



Homes not hotels - what happens next
Feb 27, 2020

The damage that Airbnb-style lets is doing to our communities is becoming clearer. Last week, the Guardian revealed that in parts of London, Edinburgh, Devon and the Lake District, one in every four homes is listed as a holiday let.

As we told them, this is depriving communities of much needed homes.


The new Parliament must end the renting crisis
Dec 13, 2019

Last night, Boris Johnson won a landslide victory. He must take this opportunity to end the renting crisis.

What's on offer for renters tomorrow?
Dec 11, 2019

Tomorrow is polling day! Before you cast your vote, here's a round up of the policies from each party's manifesto on the issues we've been campaigning on since the last election


Smaller parties manifesto round up
Dec 05, 2019

We've looked at what the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the DUP and the Brexit Party - parties that are only standing in parts of the UK - have to offer renters. 

Three of these parties are only standing in nations where housing issues are devolved, so they understandably have less interest in housing at this election, but there are some issues - like housing benefit - that are decided by Westminster for the whole of the UK.

Conservative Party Manifesto: What can renters expect?
Nov 28, 2019

In the final instalment of our manifesto reviews, we take a look at what the Conservative Party has to offer private renters.

Labour's Manifesto - Real Change for Renters?
Nov 27, 2019

Next in our series of manifesto reviews, we delve into the Labour Party’s pledges to assess what they offer for private renters.

What is your vote worth? Renters could make a difference in these seats
Nov 25, 2019

2.4 million private renters could miss out on voting at the General Election if they don't register to vote by midnight tomorrow. 

Private renters move house more frequently than homeowners, and as a result, just 58% are correctly registered, compared with 91% of homeowners, according to figures by the Electoral Commission. Many renters are on contracts of just 12 months, and private renters are six times more likely to move in a given year than homeowners.

We've worked out which Parliamentary seats could be decided by private renters on 12 December - the seats in orange and brown have more unregistered private renters than the number of votes the last MP won by. 


Map created with Flourish

Green Party Manifesto: A Green New Deal for Renting?
Nov 25, 2019

Next up is the Green Party’s manifesto. We assess whether the Green’s New Deal for housing helps make renting safe, secure and fair.

Lib Dem Manifesto: Does it deliver for renters?
Nov 21, 2019

Over the coming days, we’ll be picking through the parties’ manifestos, and assessing whether the proposed housing policies will help make renting safe, secure and fair. First up: the Liberal Democrats.

These are the places you're most at risk of a no-fault eviction
Nov 19, 2019

Renters in south east commuter towns and the edges of Greater London are at the highest risk of a no-fault eviction, our analysis of government data has revealed. 

The worst place for evictions is the London Borough of Havering where last year 39 in every 1000 private renters were made homeless by landlords selling up, re-letting or evicting to avoid making repairs. And that's just people who sought help from their council - many more will have found a new home, but moved at their own expense.

Check out how your local area compares

Our General Election campaign
Nov 18, 2019

Whatever way you look at it - this General Election is important. The next Government will be tackling the big issues of the day like Brexit, crime, protecting our NHS and fixing the housing crisis. At this election Generation Rent is getting stuck in.

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