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Year in review 2021
Dec 17, 2021

2021 is coming to a close and what a year it's been. Before we finish up for the holiday season, we thought we would round up our highlights of the year.

One no-fault eviction every 32 minutes this winter
Dec 08, 2021

Private renter evictions have been dramatically increasing since the Government ended the last of the Covid protections in June.

Evictions are on their way to hit their pre-pandemic levels and so households and families around the country are once again being forced to move over the Christmas period.

Evicted on Christmas Eve - John's Story
Dec 08, 2021

Generation Rent supporter John describes just how terrible an unfair eviction during the Christmas period is.

In October we were given eight weeks notice to leave our family home of eight years. Never have we missed a month's rent. We pride ourselves on being good tenants who keep our home well looked after - but none of that matters. We must be out by Christmas Eve.

Shane's Story - My unsafe home caught fire on New Year’s Eve
Nov 19, 2021

I have spent about a decade renting in the private sector. This covered my time as student through to working full time. Sometimes I’ve been tempted to try to work out how much I’ve actually spent on rent during the ten years, but I haven’t dared do it as I’m sure the answer would just be too depressing. For me, renting has meant fighting to get deposits back, pleading with letting agencies or landlords to get basic repairs carried out, having to leave a property a short notice as it was being sold, and being trapped in a cycle of fees and ever increasing rents. My longest period at a property was three years, and the shortest was six months

Sex for Rent ads
Nov 18, 2021

CW// Sexual Offences

Sex for Rent is a crime whereby an individual offers accommodation at a reduced cost or for free, in exchange for sexual acts. This arrangement can be enacted at the outset of a new tenancy, or enforced during a tenancy, often when tenants experience difficulties in paying the rent.

A 2016 Shelter survey found that 8% of women had been offered a Sex for Rent arrangement at some point in their lives. However, only one person has ever been charged in a Sex for Rent Case, and only as recently as January 2021.

Licensing landlords drives up standards in England
Oct 24, 2021

Councils that require landlords to be licensed take more than twice as much enforcement action as those that don’t.

We've spent £21,000 on moving costs since 2017 - James's Story
Oct 12, 2021

Firstly, this isn’t my real name, I’ve disguised it because we live in a rural area and if I am identified as the source of this story, it will jeopardise our search for a new home as we will be seen as ‘troublemaking’ tenants. That very fact, tells you how nefarious Section 21 is as a piece of legislation.

44,000 renters faced homelessness in our wait for eviction reform
Sep 26, 2021

In April 2019, the government promised to abolish Section 21 "no fault" evictions. Two years later, we're still waiting for Parliament to change the law.

Deposit cap keeps over £100 in renters' pockets
Sep 21, 2021

Finding the money for the deposit on a new tenancy can be extremely difficult for many private renters. Not only does this make the cost of moving even more stressful but it also makes it harder for tenants to move out of an unsuitable property and puts tenants who face eviction at risk of homelessness.

But the good news is that the cap on deposits introduced in June 2019 means renters now have an average of £113 more in their pockets.

Emma's Story - Not even disabled renters are safe from evictions
Sep 10, 2021

Generation Rent supporter Emma explains what it's like facing a revenge eviction and the effect of discrimination in the private rental market as a disabled renter.

The cost of unwanted moves
Aug 28, 2021

Moving home is expensive - it's even worse when you have no choice in the matter. Unwanted moves are costing private renters in England £229m per year. 

The holiday let boom is causing a crisis for local renters
Aug 23, 2021

A sharp rise in properties being let out as holiday homes, has meant that renters around the UK are being priced out of their own local communities, our latest research has found. And renters in Scotland, Wales and the South West of England are the worst hit.

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