Betsy Dillner

Betsy joined the board in March 2017, after working for Generation Rent first as Community Campaigns Manager and then as Director, until December 2016. Before joining the organisation in 2014 she worked as a community organiser in the USA, engaging on various issues including housing, immigration, health care, and finance sector reform. 

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  • Jamie Mattox
    commented 2018-02-17 11:20:07 +0000
    James Mckindley good sir i am sure she does know what she is doing i have k own her since grade school.
  • James McKindley
    commented 2015-08-06 07:51:58 +0100
    I’m afraid Betsy doesn’t understand what she is doing. My Landlord showed me exactly what he makes from me after all deductions for mortgage, insurance, repairs, running his van and everything else. He also showed me what the Government are planning to do because of Generation Rent pushing them to disallow the mortgage as a cost. He’s told me that if the Government really do do this then he’ll have to sell the house. Thank you Betsy