Ask Natwest to say Yes to DSS

More than 20% of private renters rely on housing benefit to meet their monthly rent, yet many landlords are banned from letting to them by the terms of their mortgage. This Saturday, you can do something about that.

ACORN, Living Rent Scotland and London Renters Union are organising a day of action, demonstrating outside branches of Natwest around the country to demand that the bank drops its restrictions on buy-to-let borrowers letting to people receiving housing benefit. Discrimination against benefit claimants is unacceptable, and high street banks - particularly ones majority-owned by the government - should be taking the lead in ending the "No DSS" culture.

The day of action follows the revelation that Natwest told a buy-to-let customer to either evict her tenant who claimed housing benefit or pay a draconian fee to switch her mortgage. The landlord has since set up a petition to ask the government to take action.

After getting an earful from us, Shelter and renters unions, Natwest has said it is reviewing the policy. But we need to keep the pressure on. If you are free this Saturday and want to get involved, these are where the protests are taking place from 10.30am - follow the links for full details and times:

Will you come?