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  • hwh-2.pngStrengthen the voice of private tenants by developing a national network of private renters and local private renters’ groups
  • hwh-3.pngProvide opportunities for private renters to campaign on issues that affect them and their local areas
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  • commented 2019-07-28 20:52:25 +0100
    GR. Can you make renters aware of this very useful bit of info. If a tenant cannot provide a guarantor, has poor credit scores etc offering to pay a Landlords Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance, might help. How and why? If a tenant cannot pay rent, a LL will use this type of insurance that they set up to protect themselves, to cover unpaid rent and legal fees.

    A tenant can ask a LL or Agent, if they can pay their insurance for them instead. E.g a years insurance cover may cost £150 (just an example), so a tenant can offer to pay this upfront along with first months rent, deposit etc It would not breach the Fee Ban as the tenant is offering to pay for the insurance not vice versa. This will help tenants who might otherwise be turned down for failing credit checks and not having a guarantor. Can you look into this and see if it might help us renters?
  • commented 2019-07-28 16:37:03 +0100
    Andrew Adams. That is true. We are the ones who fork out hundreds if not thousands in rent and we are treated like filth. Is renting not a business? When I go shopping, the shop owners are only to happy to accept my money. With it they can’t survive. So why is renting different? It’s becayse the govt have failed to build and provide affordable housing and we are left at the mercy of the landlords and agents. We need to fiux this asap.
  • commented 2019-07-28 15:51:50 +0100
    The great British rental market is providing a perfect example of all that is wrong in Modern Society. Greedy deceptive, unfair, unjust and based in the misguided brutality that you can treat people as commodity. Something better change…and quickly!
  • commented 2019-07-26 22:50:24 +0100
    As the Government did not inform us of our rights when it comes to Right to Rent Checks, I thought I’d do so. This is due to a distressing incident I had with a Landlord whilst viewing a property.

    Right to Rent checks must ONLY be carried out when a tenancy is being signed/drawn up and NOT before. This is because everyone is welcome to view and enquire about properties. Agents and Landlords are not allowed to question you about your legal status in the UK, race, accent etc during viewings or enquiries. Nor is showing ID required then.

    I had a Landlord at a viewing question my accent and race and if I had the right to rent? This is not allowed. He insisted it was right to rent checking. It is not! As I was just viewing the property and not signing a tenancy, he should not have attempted to check my right to rent. I told him it was inappropriate and offensive.

    Under The Equality Act of 2010 this is deemed Racial Harassment and therefore illegal. If Agents or Landlords are found guilty of breaching The Act, you as a renter can claim compensation which is unlimited. So beware Agents and Landlords. You are not above the law but instead need to follow it.

    Any Agents or Landlords must be reported for Racial Harassment or challenged. CAB can offer advice or check google. Even when a tenancy is being signed/drawn up, NO ONE must question your ethnicity or accent. ID must be checked to see if you can rent by law and that’s it. Agents and Landlords are not the Border Agency and should not ask you inappropriate questions.

    Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is an issue. If it does challenge it. Also nationality and race by law, are treated the same. Please be aware. I don’t want you experiencing what I did. Please read and share this. Know your rights!!!!
  • commented 2019-06-01 10:38:05 +0100
    01 June 2019 – For your info, Radian Homes is asking for a rent deposit higher than the monthly rent fee and a holding deposit of £190 “which will be held against our expenses in referencing you through Experian. Once you have successfully passed our referencing and credit checks the holding deposit will be deducted from the first month’s rent you will pay upfront when you move into the property.” It does not inform what happens to that holding deposit if the person fails credit checks.
  • commented 2019-05-29 15:57:33 +0100
    Good afternoon, I got a section 21 notice from my landlord on the 28.05.2019. I called him as he asked me too. His reason for the section 21 (which he wont put in writing) is because I had a St Georges flag in my small livingroom window. He said, if I remove the flag, I can keep my home. The flag is now down but he wont give me notice that the section 21 is now not enforce. I have heard of so many bad examples of being kicked out but this is crazy.

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We need a national register of landlords - here's why

Right now, the private rented sector is a wild west which at best costs a fortune for somewhere you can’t call a home and at its worst is dangerously unsafe. In fact, it’s so unregulated that right now the government doesn’t actually know how many landlords are out there.

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Housing isn’t a priority for Boris Johnson. Here’s why it should be:

There was no mention of private renting in the Queen's Speech today, but it would be a mistake for Boris Johnson's government to overlook it.

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Renters take unfair evictions to the government's door

There are just a few days left to have your say about the government’s plans to scrap Section 21, the law that allows landlords to evict tenants without needing a reason.

The Ministry of Housing’s consultation on abolishing Section 21 closes on Saturday and today, alongside other members of the End Unfair Evictions coalition, we went down to Westminster to call on the government to give tenants the protections needed to enjoy a stable home.


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Generation Rent celebrates restrictions on holiday let adverts!

Transport for London has banned adverts for holiday let companies that take homes away from Londoners, following a successful campaign against the anti-tenant adverts by Generation Rent. 


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Tenants in line for £117.90 when renewing

One of the great things about the Tenant Fees Act is that you can save money whether you move home or stay put. 

Since June, tenants signing an agreement on a new home in England do not have to pay letting agent fees. (As of yesterday, the ban applies across the UK.)

But there's been less fanfare for the cap on deposits at five weeks' rent, which means that a tenant renewing the agreement on their current home could get a refund if their deposit is worth more than that.

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Your chance to make tenancy deposits fairer

Deposits are behind some of the most common problems we hear about from renters:

  • tenants' money doesn't get protected
  • the struggle to get deposits back when moving home
  • and many of us are unable to afford them in the first place

The good news is the government is looking at how the deposits system can be improved and is asking for renters' experiences until 5 September. This is your chance to share your experience of deposits and help change the system. 

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Finding out if your landlord is a criminal

There are now three live government consultations that could help to reshape the private rental market.

One is on reforming tenancy deposits (deadline for responses 2 September), the second is on abolishing Section 21 evictions (deadline 12 October) and the third, announced last Sunday as well, proposes giving tenants access to a government database of criminal landlords.  

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Government consults on ending Section 21

It's finally here! After announcing in April its intention to abolish Section 21, the government has published its proposals for making this happen.

We've been through the consultation document, which is open for responses until 12 October, and here's a quickish summary of what's in it. 

We'll be preparing our own response, but we also want to hear what you think. And most importantly, we're looking at how to make it easy for renters to respond and make sure the government does this right.

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Sadiq Khan publishes vision for London's rental market

The Mayor of London has come out firmly in favour of our campaign to end unfair evictions - and has pushed the government to give him powers to bring in rent controls in the capital.

He was elected in 2016 on a pledge to shake up London's private rented sector, and now, after a long consultation period, Sadiq Khan has unveiled his proposals.

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A win on tenancy deposits and one step closer to regulating landlords

The letting fees ban is great and all, but now fees are out of the way, you still have to scrape together a large deposit before you can move home. 

Well, we thought about that - last year we proposed a system where you could transfer part of your deposit to your next tenancy, once you'd done responsible things like pay your final month's rent. We called this deposit passporting.

We couldn't get it into the Tenant Fees Act (which came into force this month), but the government has been looking at it and today announced its support for deposit passporting!

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