What the next government can do to fix renting – Renter Manifesto 2019

Today we've joined up with renters and housing justice campaigners from across England to launch a national renter manifesto in time for the 2019 General Election.

Written by Generation Rent, London Renters Union, ACORN, New Economics Foundation, Renters' Rights London and Tenants Union UK, the manifesto calls for radical reform of private renting and a transformation of the housing system - including the abolition of section 21 evictions, the introduction of rent controls and an end to discrimination of tenants on housing benefit.

England’s private rented sector is home to 11 million people and one in four families. One in seven private rented homes is unsafe and high rents mean just 63% of private tenants have savings. The size of the population and the scale of the problems mean political parties cannot afford to ignore renters ahead of the December election.

We’ve identified 47 seats in England with a higher than average private renter population and a parliamentary majority of less than 5000 votes. In these seats, which include those of Cabinet ministers Robert Buckland (South Swindon), Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet) and Alok Sharma (Reading West), private renters could cast the deciding vote. See the full list of seats here.

Maddie Moore, 32, from Malvern, was evicted by her landlord at 6 months’ pregnant

Maddie said, “I was 6 months’ pregnant when my landlord told me I had to leave. I had no choice but to move away from friends and family at a time when I needed them most – the experience left me alienated and isolated for the rest of my pregnancy and the first months of motherhood. Section 21 leaves families and pregnant women with no protection against eviction – I hope all parties will be thinking about how to protect renters at this election.”

You can read the manifesto and join us at: www.rentermanifesto.org


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