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Ben Yarrow is Founder of Marks Out Of Tenancy. For more useful websites for renters, visit our resources page.

Ask anyone who's renting, everyone's got a story to share. Whether it's good, bad or just plain ugly; every renter has had their own experience with a landlord or a letting agent that can give us insight into what can be expected as a potential tenant of theirs.

Now, while it can be fun to wax lyrical about rental horror stories, we wanted to figure out how this exchange of experiences could be harnessed to the benefit of generation rent - so we created Marks out of Tenancy.


Marks out of Tenancy offers tenants the opportunity to rate and review not only landlords and letting agents but also the rental properties and the neighbourhoods you live in. We want to create an information exchange that empowers tenants and provides the most in-depth insight into the rental market that has ever been sourced.

On top of this, we’ve compiled a legal resource centre where tenants can access information on their rights whilst renting, avoiding the nasty disputes that can arise when you’re not clear on the law. We’ve also created a Notice Letter Generator, a time-stamped image gallery for protection against unnecessary deposit deductions, contact & document storage and we’re always adding new features that we think will positively impact tenants in as many ways as possible.

Britain’s housing crisis doesn’t have one ultimate solution. If we’re to improve renting in the UK then it’s only going to come by adopting a varied approach and addressing the problems in a diverse fashion, we built Marks Out Of Tenancy to exist as part of this approach. We want to exist as a platform for tenants to have a voice, a space for tenants to access all the information they need prior to, during and after renting a property – we want to bring tenants together to support each other through a combination of their personal experiences, legal information and open source data on landlords, letting agents, residential properties and the neighbourhoods we live in.

We hope that as one of the UK’s 12 million private renters, you’ll join us today and start bringing about the change Britain’s rental market has needed for so long.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarksOOTenancy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marksoutoftenancy

URL: https://www.marksoutoftenancy.com/


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