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  • hwh-1.pngCall for changes in legislation, strategies, policies and practices to make private housing a better place to live

  • hwh-2.pngStrengthen the voice of private tenants by developing a national network of private renters and local private renters’ groups
  • hwh-3.pngEncourage private renters to set up local groups in their own areas
  • hwh-4.pngWork with affiliates towards achieving the aims of Generation Rent
  • commented 2015-10-06 14:44:56 +0100
    Foxwatcher hasn’t got a clue. They presumably style themselves as fair and intelligent but claim tax rates in excess of total earnings are ‘fair and appropriate’ then fails to spot the irony in landlords selling properties and evicting tenants who would otherwise have a long-term home. What a turnip. You should know that no professional landlords want to do this, and that many professional working tenants do not WANT to buy their own home. How do you account for that, you genius?
  • commented 2015-10-06 14:38:27 +0100
    Ha! Generation Rent are a joke. They’ve single-handedly forced the eviction and extreme rent rises of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of tenants. I am now in the process of evicting 21 families who have had secure homes at low rents (25% below market value, so I certainly CAN raise rents!) for many years in fully refurbished properties. Have you never thought what will happen to those people if landlords are forcibly bankrupted? The PRS where I am has got queues out of the door, I already operate waiting lists and there are many more people asking for one of my houses. But thanks to you I can no longer provide such good value housing. I shall be sure to point out to all of my tenants the government’s new 100+% tax demands and GR’s guiding hand in that. You really couldn’t make this up – the so-called defenders of tenants forcing misery on the very people they claim to support! What berks!
  • commented 2015-10-06 14:22:24 +0100
    I have no sympathy for landlords who will have financial issues once fair and appropriate taxation is applied. Why on earth should greedy speculators buy properties at more advantageous terms than those who want to buy their own property to live in? That’s more important than having a property portfolio. I hope they all have to sell to private owner occupiers at a loss.
  • commented 2015-10-06 13:38:38 +0100
    I’ll start by saying I am a landlord and I can immediately feel the hackles rising. However I feel the need to say to all of you that the worst thing in terms of renting is about to hit you. The Government proposal to restrict the mortgage interest relief to 20% may not sound that bad but it’s when you look at the numbers and understand them that you can see just what a problem it is going to be. I have sent Dan Wilson Craw a simple sample of someone that has one property and what could happen after the tax change and a meager 1% interest rate rise. To break-even (not even make the slightest profit) he would have to increase the rent he charges by exactly 20% and to get back to a fairly low return on his investment he’d have to increase by 40%. This is the plain truth of the tax change. Some will increase rents and some will simply sell up. I fully expect hundreds of thousands of tenants to be displaced through the tax change because landlords are forced to do it. Please do not blame them, it is not their fault. Oh and why not ask Dan to publish the example???
  • commented 2015-09-12 15:16:35 +0100
    what do you think about the proposed government rent reductions. i’m with a housing co op which keeps it’s rent low anyway. if the government want to reduce rents then let them go after the private landlords. as a housing co op reducing our already low rents could mean that the coop would have to windup,i’m sure that we are not thee only co op in this boat. ken
  • commented 2015-09-03 07:59:23 +0100
    People need to get active about the rent situation otherwise nothing will change. Everyone who rents should demand rent controls and more tenants rights. Let’s do it!

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Four new trustees help bolster the organisation

We are pleased to welcome four new trustees who have joined the Generation Rent board since the start of the year.

Daniel Bentley, Sean Cosgrove, Betsy Dillner and Hannah Williams bring with them decades of experience in political communications, financial management, movement building and business development.

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Housing Greater Manchester

When you mention the housing crisis, people tend to think of London and of campaign groups like Focus E15. There is good reason for this - the capital has experienced the worst excesses of the housing crisis, and the pushback there has been among the most dynamic in the country. Yet London is not alone in having a housing crisis, and in recent years the effects of a dysfunctional housing system have been making themselves felt in Greater Manchester.

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Minimum acceptable living standards in London - and how housing costs cut right through them

This week Trust for London, in conjunction with Loughborough University, published their latest report on a Minimum Income Standard (MIS) for London - with figures updated from their first report in 2015, and with a focus in this research on families.

The MIS compares costs between London and the rest of the UK to show the difference between the minimum needed for an acceptable standard of living - with that minimum based on a list of goods discussed and agreed upon by the public.

We can draw many conclusions from the report, and though it should surprise no one that the cost of housing is a major differential between London and the rest of the UK, the research shows that the rising cost of private rents in the lower end of the market stops a large number of households achieving the MIS.

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Rate your landlord and more on Marks Out Of Tenancy

Ben Yarrow is Founder of Marks Out Of TenancyFor more useful websites for renters, visit our resources page.

Ask anyone who’s renting, everyone’s got a story to share. Whether it’s good, bad or just plain ugly; every renter has had their own experience with a landlord or a letting agent that can give us insight into what can be expected as a potential tenant of theirs.    

Now, while it can be fun to wax lyrical about rental horror stories, we wanted to figure out how this exchange of experiences could be harnessed to the benefit of generation rent - so we created Marks out of Tenancy.


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Home ownership at 30-year low

Just 62.9% of England's population owns their home - the lowest proportion since 1985. And the private rented population now stands at 4.5m households, up on last year and bigger than in 1961, when slum landlords like Peter Rachman were making tenants' lives a misery.

These are the big findings of the English Housing Survey Headline Report, the first of two releases of the government-commissioned survey for 2015-16. 

At this rate, there will be more private renters than mortgage holders in just five years' time. It's already the largest tenure in London.


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Brighton and Bournemouth letting fees - all in one place

Even though the government has promised to ban letting fees, our crowdsourced research project at continues to build up a picture of renter exploitation around the country. Renters in Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove now have an online comparison of letting fees in their area, which will help them avoid the rogues who are either charging excessive fees or just not publishing theirs.

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Lessons from Germany: tenant power in the rental market

Last month the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) released its report “Lessons from Germany: Tenant power in the rental market”. It examines the relative strength of protection for German renters, and how these benefits might be brought across to England.

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Making housing about immigration continues to be a toxic mix

Back in late 2015, when the details about making landlords check the immigration status of prospective tenants was being debated in parliament, housing and migrant groups repeatedly warned government that this would lead to discrimination, and push vulnerable renters into precarious and hidden housing.

Today a new report from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) on the 'Right to Rent' scheme confirms that warning, with shocking findings of non-British and non-white renters finding it more difficult to access a new tenancy.

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Government consults on banning orders - renters respond

We have put in our response to the government’s consultation on banning orders – the new mechanism to prevent criminals from operating in the rental market. That’s right, they aren’t banned already.

The government has asked what types of offences should be banworthy, and set a deadline of midnight tonight.

We asked our supporters for their experiences earlier in the week, dozens of you responded, and the feedback has helped shape our response to the government.

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Housing White Paper: where do we stand now?

Well, the Housing White Paper was a massive disappointment. After an exciting glimpse on Sunday of moves to "incentivise" longer tenancies, on Tuesday it became clear that those incentives were existing government subsidies for companies building new homes. Number of beneficiaries: 80,322 (not counting the companies who would have offered longer tenancies anyway).

For the 4.3 million households in existing properties? The vague undertaking to "consider what more we can do to support families already renting privately, while encouraging continued investment in the sector." Which gives little hope to people who don't live with their family and a lot of hope to property speculators.

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