GENERATION RENT campaigns for professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities.

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  • hwh-1.pngCall for changes in legislation, strategies, policies and practices to make private housing a better place to live

  • hwh-2.pngStrengthen the voice of private tenants by developing a national network of private renters and local private renters’ groups
  • hwh-3.pngEncourage private renters to set up local groups in their own areas
  • hwh-4.pngWork with affiliates towards achieving the aims of Generation Rent
  • commented 2015-10-07 13:04:12 +0100
    How very erudite of you both. I’m lost in my admiration for your ways with words, and stand by my views that any reply you make just shows you in an ever worsening light. James, M, maybe I was the 18th viewer?
  • commented 2015-10-07 13:04:11 +0100
    How very erudite of you both. I’m lost in my admiration for your ways with words, and stand by my views that any reply you make just shows you in an ever worsening light. James, M, maybe I was the 18th viewer?
  • commented 2015-10-07 12:41:41 +0100
    Rugmuncher. I notice you make no attempt whatsoever to support your arguments from a credible source nor to explain why my points are invalid. Just to be clear – you’ve made utterly incorrect assumptions about a complete stranger based on your own embittered prejudice, and you think professionals who want a quality short-term let should go down the council?? Classic. Also – just to be sure – you’re saying that everyone else is allowed savings and a pension (and for that matter, a foreign holiday?) but I’m not? That’s a bit dictatorial for a supposedly even-minded and sympathetic lefty isn’t it? And my cheap rents and hours of physical toil to produce nice homes for people who DONT WANT to buy are a blight on those people are they – are they not allowed a choice in your world?? How very magnanimous of you. Yes, you are definitely a credible person worth hearing more from. Please do demonstrate further why some village somewhere is missing its idiot.
  • commented 2015-10-07 12:19:04 +0100
    Just one other little point Foxwatcher (you can’t for some reason even admit to your own name, or is it Mr Foxwatcher?)…. How is it that you know there were 17 landlords looking at the property and one FTB??? You’re either making it all up (most likely) or you’re an estate agent. If the latter then it’s you that’s driving up prices not the LL’s. And for the record there is no such thing as a guaranteed mortgage so that’s why I think you’re making this up and not an estate agent. There is a DIP (decision in principle) but the FTB can get that too. It is no different a process. And I’m fascinated to know where this property is because every LL I know say that prices are too high for them to buy. Please advise as I’ll look at whether I can shift my strategy to your area. :)
  • commented 2015-10-07 11:30:10 +0100
    James and James, fine words trying to defend your indefensible positions. Do you have children who have saved for a deposit for years, desperate to buy their own property who can’t get on the housing ladder due to leeches like you two? And apparently despite that, you can’t afford the lifestyles you choose to pursue. I think you need to reassess your priorities, consider others and not hide behind altruistic gobbledegook. If you weren’t making a bomb, you wouldn’t buy and do up properties just for the good of others. You’re profiting at the expense of those less fortunate than yourselves, and trying to justify it, Your posts up here are permanent proof of this. I wouldn’t bother answering this, as you’ll only make yourselves look more and more greedy. Leave bring a landlord to a reputable organisation that understands it and is not in it for personal profit.
  • commented 2015-10-07 07:00:04 +0100
    Oh Foxwatcher it is not I with blinkers. Let’s correct you on the lifestyle you assume I have but firstly thank you for the prompt about banking. I haven’t been on online banking for several days and there are many invoices I have to pay (all property related). I have no 4×4. My wife has an old Toyota Corolla and I have an old van. We’ve not had a foreign holiday for 5 years and not even been away at all this year. Indeed if you saw me in my normal working gear you may well mistake me for a tramp. I am a hands on landlord that understands property, understands the market and understands the needs of my tenants. You clearly are none of these and don’t really know what you’re talking about my old chum. Like I said I don’t have any houses that would be of interest to a FTB but now I will have to evict several families that are settled in their homes, kids are in local schools and so forth. Yes we most certainly do need more housing for youngsters but this tax will not help them in any way. Paul Johnson, one of the most senior and respected economists in the country has pointed that out, or do you know more than him too? I understand that you think BTL is wrong, that’s fine. It’s your opinion and you are very welcome to it, but are you so distorted in your views that you want to see families uprooted and kids having to change schools? The social impact of this tax change is horrendous but you’re just so biased you don’t care who it hurts.

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Four new trustees help bolster the organisation

We are pleased to welcome four new trustees who have joined the Generation Rent board since the start of the year.

Daniel Bentley, Sean Cosgrove, Betsy Dillner and Hannah Williams bring with them decades of experience in political communications, financial management, movement building and business development.

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Housing Greater Manchester

When you mention the housing crisis, people tend to think of London and of campaign groups like Focus E15. There is good reason for this - the capital has experienced the worst excesses of the housing crisis, and the pushback there has been among the most dynamic in the country. Yet London is not alone in having a housing crisis, and in recent years the effects of a dysfunctional housing system have been making themselves felt in Greater Manchester.

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Minimum acceptable living standards in London - and how housing costs cut right through them

This week Trust for London, in conjunction with Loughborough University, published their latest report on a Minimum Income Standard (MIS) for London - with figures updated from their first report in 2015, and with a focus in this research on families.

The MIS compares costs between London and the rest of the UK to show the difference between the minimum needed for an acceptable standard of living - with that minimum based on a list of goods discussed and agreed upon by the public.

We can draw many conclusions from the report, and though it should surprise no one that the cost of housing is a major differential between London and the rest of the UK, the research shows that the rising cost of private rents in the lower end of the market stops a large number of households achieving the MIS.

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Rate your landlord and more on Marks Out Of Tenancy

Ben Yarrow is Founder of Marks Out Of TenancyFor more useful websites for renters, visit our resources page.

Ask anyone who’s renting, everyone’s got a story to share. Whether it’s good, bad or just plain ugly; every renter has had their own experience with a landlord or a letting agent that can give us insight into what can be expected as a potential tenant of theirs.    

Now, while it can be fun to wax lyrical about rental horror stories, we wanted to figure out how this exchange of experiences could be harnessed to the benefit of generation rent - so we created Marks out of Tenancy.


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Home ownership at 30-year low

Just 62.9% of England's population owns their home - the lowest proportion since 1985. And the private rented population now stands at 4.5m households, up on last year and bigger than in 1961, when slum landlords like Peter Rachman were making tenants' lives a misery.

These are the big findings of the English Housing Survey Headline Report, the first of two releases of the government-commissioned survey for 2015-16. 

At this rate, there will be more private renters than mortgage holders in just five years' time. It's already the largest tenure in London.


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Brighton and Bournemouth letting fees - all in one place

Even though the government has promised to ban letting fees, our crowdsourced research project at continues to build up a picture of renter exploitation around the country. Renters in Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove now have an online comparison of letting fees in their area, which will help them avoid the rogues who are either charging excessive fees or just not publishing theirs.

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Lessons from Germany: tenant power in the rental market

Last month the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) released its report “Lessons from Germany: Tenant power in the rental market”. It examines the relative strength of protection for German renters, and how these benefits might be brought across to England.

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Making housing about immigration continues to be a toxic mix

Back in late 2015, when the details about making landlords check the immigration status of prospective tenants was being debated in parliament, housing and migrant groups repeatedly warned government that this would lead to discrimination, and push vulnerable renters into precarious and hidden housing.

Today a new report from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) on the 'Right to Rent' scheme confirms that warning, with shocking findings of non-British and non-white renters finding it more difficult to access a new tenancy.

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Government consults on banning orders - renters respond

We have put in our response to the government’s consultation on banning orders – the new mechanism to prevent criminals from operating in the rental market. That’s right, they aren’t banned already.

The government has asked what types of offences should be banworthy, and set a deadline of midnight tonight.

We asked our supporters for their experiences earlier in the week, dozens of you responded, and the feedback has helped shape our response to the government.

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Housing White Paper: where do we stand now?

Well, the Housing White Paper was a massive disappointment. After an exciting glimpse on Sunday of moves to "incentivise" longer tenancies, on Tuesday it became clear that those incentives were existing government subsidies for companies building new homes. Number of beneficiaries: 80,322 (not counting the companies who would have offered longer tenancies anyway).

For the 4.3 million households in existing properties? The vague undertaking to "consider what more we can do to support families already renting privately, while encouraging continued investment in the sector." Which gives little hope to people who don't live with their family and a lot of hope to property speculators.

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