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  • hwh-2.pngStrengthen the voice of private tenants by developing a national network of private renters and local private renters’ groups
  • hwh-3.pngEncourage private renters to set up local groups in their own areas
  • hwh-4.pngWork with affiliates towards achieving the aims of Generation Rent
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    At Roompik we have been assisting both renters and landlords fill and find rooms more easily. We believe if can improve search efficiency, we can take a proactive step. If you are interested, please download via iPhone or get in touch
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    I am currently working on a website to expose Foxtons. If you have been using Foxtons and have stories with proof (photos with damages you inherited when you moved into the property, breach of contract, misrepresentations, eviction, abuse, bullying etc by Foxtons) please contact me at
    Part of my story is now on YouTube:
  • commented 2015-03-25 23:00:32 +0000
    Just wondering others thoughts on this,

    If the government were to put a levy on earnings accuired through rental incomes (instead of current tax breaks), would this deter landlords from entering the market, therefore creating a wealthier society of tenants and first time buyers.
  • commented 2015-03-18 08:39:24 +0000
    Not everyone wants to be tied into long term tenancy agreements – you can’t see into the future and know what you need in 12 months time. We provide a real home for those who will rent for all or most of their lives and if you pay the rent and are good tenants you can stay as long as you want and we only have an annual rent increase review – however,.

    At Unohomes we allow tenants to give us 1 week’s notice to leave – why do we do this?
    because if you don’t want to stay with us or can’t then it is best you go – we offer affordable housing and charge no fees to tenants – we fill your flat within 24 hours from our waiting list!

    simples! – the way forward………………………
  • commented 2015-03-17 21:03:18 +0000
    I’ve lived in a flatshare for nearly two years now. My flatmate is moving out and my letting agency is forcing me to sign a new contract with a minimum term of 1 year. I bear all the risks in this situation and am not given the flexibility I would need in that point of my carrer. I’ve checked and they are legally allowed to do this. It would only be a gesture of goodwill for them to accept to give me a shorter term. But of course they won’t grant it to me, no matter how politely it’s been asked. I don’t think this kind of situation is normal and tenant should not have to sacrifice job and personal opportunities because agency “trap” them in their own flat. I was quite shocked to see this is legally allowed and I have no other option but to accept a unreasonable deal. I hope things will change in the future so other people don’t have to bear the same kind of risk. Thank you for your action in trying to make tenant’s right change for the best :)
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    Is it the Private Rental sector or the Social Housing sector that Generation Rent should be campaigning about. The Social Housing sector issue 5 times more S21’s than the private sector and this article shows that they are more likely to evict vulnerable tenants. At a time when the Private Rental Sector has overtaken the Social Housing sector these figures to not look encouraging.

    Are councils favouring bailiffs in rent arrear cases?
    Warren Lewis
    Warren Lewis
    09 Mar 2015

    According to a think tank, councils have been accused of turning to bailiffs and the courts rather than helping people in rent arrears.

    The Independent has reported that recent research suggests councils are more likely to engage in aggressive enforcement action rather than offer affordable payment options to struggling tenants.

    Mike O’Connor, chief executive of StepChange, said: “It is shocking that many councils are less likely to be helpful to people in debt than banks are, and are more likely to take people to court. The growth in people struggling with their council tax bills is only outstripped by growth in problems caused by payday loans.”

    The number of people contacting the charity with council tax arrears has increased 372% in the last five years and over the same period the average amount owed has risen £157, he said.

    A survey of the charity’s clients found that even when people engaged with their council they faced tough action. After speaking to the council, 62 per cent had still been threatened with court action, 51% had been threatened with bailiffs.

    Meanwhile only 25% were offered an affordable payment option and a measly 13% were encouraged to get debt advice.

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    The charity is calling on the government to change to the Council Tax Administration and Enforcement Act 1992 to place guidance on a stronger legal footing, including ensuring that councils should evidence that they have tried to pursue an affordable repayment plan

    Ensure consistent incentives and messages to councils that reinforce the need for and importance of affordable payment solutions.

    It has also demanded a new individual protection against enforcement of unaffordable repayments for people seeking help with their debts.

    Mr O’Connor added: “Councils need to pursue debts but they must have a responsible and proportionate approach to dealing with people in arrears and not default to aggressive enforcement that often only serves to deepen debt problems. There are examples of good practice such as Leeds City Council but all too often public authorities are neither behaving as responsibly as they should or using the best strategy to recover debt.”

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The Cost of a First Time Home keeps rising

The latest House Price Index was released today and once again shows how first time buyers are being screwed over by the market.

House price inflation was up over this time last year, by 8.4%, although it was slightly down from last month (by a tiny 0.2%).  One of the real worries is that for first time buyers, prices were 9.7% higher on average this January compared to last January – and 0.7% up on the month.

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George Osborne pledges right to sub-let

Amid the fanfare of the Help to Buy ISA in last week's Budget, the Chancellor made another, quieter move to help renters. George Osborne pledged to legislate to stop tenants automatically being banned in their contracts from sub-letting space in their home on a short-term basis.

This move follows changes in the Deregulation Bill to allow Londoners to rent out their homes for short periods without needing planning permission - previously anyone in the capital advertising holiday lets on sites such as Airbnb was breaking the law.

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Budget 2015: what does it deliver for renters?

In short, not much. It took 40 minutes for the first mention of housing, behind an announcement of £1million to celebrate the 600 year anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt no less. As well as expected announcements on funding for a London land commission to address ‘the acute housing crisis’ and  the 20 housing zones due to be launched to boost house building, there was a surprise announcement of a ‘Help to Buy ISA’.

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A lifeline for first time renters

Yesterday's Homes for Britain rally in Westminster attracted speakers across the spectrum, from Cathy Come Home director Ken Loach to UKIP's Nigel Farage. Amid the rhetorical fireworks was a small but important policy announcement which might have passed some people by. 

The Liberal Democrat speaker, Ed Davey MP, said his party would offer government-backed loans to first-time renters under the age of 30 to cover the up-front costs of a tenancy. Generation Rent has been urging the government to adopt this policy since last year - it is already being offered to civil servants.

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Landlord Licensing – giving with one hand, taking with the other.

It was announced this week that the Government was protecting tenants by improving fire safety regulations in the private rented sector. However, at the same time they are making it more difficult for councils to introduce borough-wide landlord licensing that help to protect tenants from rogue landlords

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Fire Fire! New safety regulations to protect tenants!

There has been some positive news for renters for a change! It was announced by the Minister for Fire Resilience and Emergencies, Penny Mordaunt, at the Local Government Association fire conference, that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are to become mandatory in all privately rented accommodation. These life-saving regulations will be laid before Parliament and will require all private sector landlords to install smoke alarms on each storey of their property, carbon monoxide alarms in the rooms considered most at risk from high levels of carbon monoxide and to check the alarms are in working order at the start of any new tenancy.

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The reality of Labour's housing policy

Labour has carefully crafted an identity this election as the party of housing. But if you look at the details, what they’re proposing is terrifying for the average person.

By Lindsey Garrett of the New Era Estate

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A new look for Parliament

Here's an idea that will save taxpayers money, help build houses in London and give a disadvantaged northern economy a welcome boost.

Move Parliament to Hull and convert the empty buildings into flats.


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Renters at higher risk of mental health problems

Renters are 75% more likely to experience serious anxiety and depression than home-owners, according to a Survation poll commissioned by Generation Rent which we are publishing today. Nearly two in five people who rent their home say they have experienced serious anxiety or depression in the past year. One in five (21%) homeowners reported similar experiences.

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What Natalie Bennett should have said

It was hard yesterday not to have some sympathy with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett after that painful interview. But coming unstuck on the numbers or not, it highlighted the point that they are the only party with a shot of winning seats (in England at least) that actually has a target for building significant numbers of social homes and which has identified private sector landlords as the ideal source for funding this.

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